Thursday, 16 May 2013

People never cease to amaze me

Again, people never cease to amaze me.

I think I've said this so many times in the last few days that I'm probably just more open minded lately that usual.
And the thing is, people amaze me for several different reasons, some good, some not so good.
Lately, I've mostly been amazed by people that actually think about other people in the same environment and make all the best they can to help them and integrate them in it.
Like my mentor, Nicola. She's most likely to be the sweetest person I've met in the last few months, always a kind word, always a smile, three constant tons of patience to keep up with my never stopping questions.

But then again, there's people that amaze me for some other not so kind motives, but I'm not even going to bother to describe.

  • Today, I'm learning about SalesForce in training.
  • I also need to start studying for the EMC's Information Storage and Management (ISM) exam.

Time to put my head down and simplify.

life is good...and simple, after all.

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