Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Office Gossips

In every company there's gossip. Sometimes just the light gossip about what someone's wearing that day and some other times comments that can try to influence the way you see and interact with other people.

Since I'm here in my new job, several people came to me to "warn me" about a certain colleague. Because they've seen me talking to her and it seems to be general opinion that she's the Devil in Skirt from the house.

Well, let me put things this way:
I talk to everybody and I don't have preconceived ideas about no one. I don't evaluate people based on somebody else's opinion, but I stay alert.

I stay alert based in the simple fact that if one person comes to me and give me a warning about a certain other person that might simply say [that] they don't like each other but when nearly everybody gives me the same information - without knowledge of the rest of the people - that may indicate that the person is indeed, sign for trouble.

Even being like this, I refuse to label someone based on gossip. Until the person pushes my buttons, I will act normally to her. And when, and if, the time comes for my buttons to be pushed, I'll act accordingly.

Simple, non?

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